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Blue Bell Endodontics & Dental Implants, LLC; David Dutkowski, DMD, MAGD - General Dentist Limited to Endodontics

Bryn Mawr, PA


Our Technology

What does our Surgical Microscope do for you?

Our Surgical Microscope gives the best visibilty, highest magnification, and superior illumination possible. 

"If I can see it I can better treat it" is a rule that applies especially in endodontics where the work is often done inside a deep canal, inside a tiny tooth, inside a small mouth, in a living, breathing patient.

The lighting and magnification with the Surgical Microscope allows us to evaluate fractures, find sources of infection, and to improve your overall treatment.

Having a camera attached to our scope allows us to share images with our patients and their referring dentist.

Tools for Comfortable Anesthesia

We use two techniques that you may not have experienced before to give you comfortable and effective local anesthesia.

Prior to injections, we use a needle-free device called the Mada-jet.  This "pops" a tiny amount of anesthetic liquid under the surface to give a fast and effective numbing of the injection site.  With this, we are abe to give the most comfortable injections ever, and we do it consistenty.

When we need to numb a single tooth, we often use a computer driven device called "The Wand" to slowly admister local anesthethic in the space alongside the tooth.  This is also a very comfortable technique and reduces much of the numbing sensation often experienced in "non-tooth" areas of the mouth and face.

State of the Art Technology

Endodontics has benefited from technology advances more than most areas of dentistry.  Flexible instruments can clean the inside passages of the tooth more quickly and efficiently than ever.  We have the full range of rotary and ultrasonic instrumentation which makes our job easier and your results better than ever.


Philosophically, our first inclination is to save natural teeth when the benefits outweigh the risks and costs.  When this is not possible, dental implants are often the best option for replacement of missing teeth.

It is not sufficient to merely place an implant in bone;  it must be in the proper position and angulation to support your replacement tooth or teeth.  Although Dr. Dutkowski will not be providing the replacement teeth (your general dentist does that), he has the experience of having restored implants, and thus can work more effectively with your general dentist to develop solutions that work well for your final result.